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U Pick

As farmers, we always get the joy of picking and harvesting all of our veggies for you. In 2002, we had a chance to add a u-pick and we never looked back! Our u-pick is always a fun event for anyone and everyone. The strawberry u-pick usually begins in July and will run for about three to four weeks depending on a number of influences. Like many of our other crops, the berries are heavily influenced by the weather.

Before heading to the field, be sure to check our Facebook page or give us a call to ensure the field is open and when. We'll update our page and phone message every morning and then again during the day if anything changes.

Please note, due to COVID we have a few different regulations in place to help everyone have a berry safe experience.

how does it work?

So, how do you pick in our u-pick? Easy! Every morning we scout the fields to ensure that there are berries there, when we find a good spot we mark it with a flag. We do a prepay system, head to our berry booth when you arrive and they will direct you from there. When you come to the fields, an employee will direct you where to pick and from there you can pick away.

Please remember, due to COVID-19, we are recommending that you wash your berries before you eat them and ask that you refrain from as much hand to mouth contact as possible.

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pricing 2022

Before heading to the fields, you will be prepaying for your berries. The price of containers are based on a full container, there will be no discounts on partially filled containers. We're expecting to have a BERRY plentiful crop, fill your buckets!

We will only be allowing buckets and containers that were previously purchased at our u-picks.

Pricing for the 2022 season is outlined below in this picture for you. If you bring your own bucket from our previous upicks we will take off an additional $1.50.

So come along, bring your buckets, and enjoy another one of our traditions!

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